Zebra Insights Group

Zebra Insights Group

Based in Hong Kong and operating globally, Zebra Insights Group provides a platform that allows senior executives and leading subject matter experts to share their insights and engage with a global audience. Traditionally, this would take the form of face-to-face meetings between subject matter experts and Zebra Insights’ clients, including speaking engagements at conferences and events to connect thought leaders, namely senior executives and leading subject matter experts, with event managers, and financial institutions such as banks, brokers, private equity, law firms, consulting firms, and insurance companies.

More recently, and in light of the recent Covid-19 crisis, Zebra Insights has moved the majority of its business and client engagements to digital events. This has accelerated time to market for event content and time-critical subject matter expertise.

In doing so, our partner helps companies acquire hard to obtain information at a time when this added resilience is urgently needed to stabilise business and plan strategically for an uncertain future.

From a sustainability perspective, switching from physical events to online formats has allowed Zebra Insights’ clients to further reduce their carbon footprint and avoid significant amounts of waste, compared with holding large scale physical events. Meanwhile, travel rendered unnecessary for speakers and event attendees alike has resulted in very significant avoided emissions compared to business as usual.

Operating differently from traditional speaker bureaus and offering bespoke, curated services at an affordable price range, Zebra Insights is helping companies acquire digital expertise and implement innovative ways to engage their audiences.

We are proud to partner with Zebra Insights Group as it actively promotes ESG related topics and offers access to experts specializing in a wide range of diverse sustainability issues. Together, we can make a small contribution to SDGs 13 Climate Action and 17 Partnership for the Goals.


If you and your company are interested in exploring a similar partnership with us, please tell us more about it via email to info@thewarren.co